Corporate Structure

In September 2013, STG Incorporated and its subsidiaries Alaska Crane and Terra Foundations were acquired by Calista Corporation.

The region Calista Corporation calls home is no stranger to STG Incorporated. Over the years, shareholders in the Calista region have benefited from pile foundations driven for new schools and homes, communication towers installed to increase internet speeds, and wind turbines erected to ease the high cost of utilities. The Calista region encompasses 57,000 square miles and is the second largest Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act region in land size.

Surrounded by mostly federally owned lands, the region is about the size of New York state. It encompasses nearly 10 percent of Alaska’s land area and is comprised of 56 federally recognized tribes. There are no roads that connect it with the rest of Alaska. Because everything must be flown or barged to each community, the cost of food, fuel, transportation and energy are extraordinarily high. Calista Corporation works hard and partners with many to improve and enrich the way of life for its shareholders and descendants.

Calista Brice Holding, LLC

Organization chart displaying how the Calista Brice Holding LLC is made up

Bilista Holding Line

STG Incorporated and its two subsidiaries Alaska Crane and Terra Foundations belong to the Bilista holding line under Calista Corporation.  Bilista is comprised of service, management, and equipment companies across the construction industry.