Who We Are

Building on remote mountaintops. Creating solutions above the Arctic Circle.  Delivering all projects with integrity and quality craftsmanship.

STG is a rural Alaska specialty contractor, with over 30 years of building infrastructure around the state. We specialize in creating strong partnerships with project stakeholders to solve unique problems, all while delivering exceptional value to our clients and the communities we serve.

We have professional project management and logistics staff as well as highly skilled field personnel capable of performing all aspects of our projects. Our team plans, conducts all logistics, executes and manages heavy industry construction projects across the state, supporting development in some of the most environmentally and logistically complex locations in the world. Some of our notable work, including wind energy installation, communication tower installation, diesel generation upgrades and community bulk fuel system upgrades have provided even the most remote communities with essential services.

All of our work is guided by our mission to support the sustainable development of rural Alaska through delivering superior construction services and management by providing the highest levels of professionalism, innovation, safety standards, and quality craftsmanship.


Jim and Sandy St. George started their namesake company, St. George Construction, in 1991 in the northwestern Alaska village of Kotzebue. Within five years, St. George Construction significantly expanded services, changed its name to STG Incorporated (STG), and moved central operations to Anchorage.

In September 2013, STG Incorporated and its subsidiaries Alaska Crane and Terra Foundations were acquired by Calista Corporation.

Alaska Crane

STG is the owner of Alaska Crane, a fully operated crane service company that offers crane and rigging services, an extensive fleet, exceptional crane operators, and competitive rates throughout Alaska. Our sophisticated fleet of Alaska-tough cranes range in capacity from 28 to 660 tons and booms to over 400 feet. Several cranes are weatherized to brave temps as low as minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit to withstand arctic conditions.

With nearly 75 years of combined crane experience, our Anchorage-based team has a flawless safety record. Alaska Crane caters to a variety of industries throughout rural and urban Alaska, including construction, telecommunications, and energy development.

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Terra Foundations

STG is the owner of Terra Foundations, the most trusted and most experienced specialty pile foundation installation company operating in rural Alaska today. Since 2002, this team of highly skilled project managers and pile drivers ensure solid foundations for bridges, walkways, schools, utilidors, homes, and other structures throughout the most remote reaches of the state by providing constructability consultation, construction management, procurement services, and –doing what they do best– specialty pile driving.

The thing about foundations is that a good one is never noticed and a bad one is impossible to ignore. Tundra, swamps, permafrost, and other unstable substrate are inescapable in Alaska. Having the know-how to recommend which type of foundation is best and the skills to make it happen are what set Terra Foundations apart from other foundation contractors.

Services include installation of: driven and drilled steel piles; thermopiles and adfreeze piles; drill and slurry (freeze-back) piles; steel and vinyl sheet piles; helical anchors, piers, and piles; passive refrigerated piles; tension anchored piles; rock anchors; and guy wire anchors.