Waterfront and Erosion Mitigation

With 33,904 miles of shoreline, Alaska has more coastline than the entire coastal border of the contiguous United States combined and very few roads connecting communities.

Waterways are a vital lifeline and STG commonly improves the dock and barge landing facility access for critical commodities as well as residential subsistence.

With as much coastline as we have, combating erosion is a common challenge throughout the state. STG has conducted many erosion control and mitigation projects to protect shorelines and prolong the sustainability of critical community infrastructure. Additionally, this work supports the traditional lifestyle of the community members who have lived there for thousands of years.


  • Constructability Consultation
  • Dock Facilities Construction and Refurbishment
  • Pile Supported and Floating Facilities
  • Sheet and Soldier Pile Walls
  • Concrete and Rock Armor Revetments
  • Remote Mooring Point Installations


Drift River Erosion Control

Drift River, Alaska