Our safety culture is a central part of who we are at STG.

We have a longstanding commitment to uphold the highest possible standards for the health and safety of our employees, clients and the public. Whether scaling 300-foot tall communication towers or operating 600-ton cranes, we are in the thick of dangerous operations daily and prioritizing safety is the foundation from which our operations are conducted.

Some of our specific safety practices include:

  • STG field crews focus on jobsite safety through daily tailgate meetings that focus on project safety as well as a specific weekly safety meeting.
  • Our Near Miss reporting program empowers our employees on the front lines to identify close calls today that could prevent accidents tomorrow.
  • To ensure everyone is equipped with the proper safety gear, STG provides a variety of Hi-Viz wear to all employees in addition to company issued standard PPE.
  • Every employee receives an annual safety allowance for reimbursement of any out of pocket safety gear purchase.

STG’s current EMR of .65 is among the best in the industry and reflects our commitment to field safety and risk mitigation. Our team strives to be a leader in the Alaska construction market in all areas. Safety always comes first.