Bulk Fuel System Installation

Diesel fuel is truly the lifeblood of rural Alaska.

Improperly installed or inadequately constructed fuel tanks can cause dangerous fuel leaks and spills, which jeopardizes the safety and well-being of rural Alaskans.  STG has been entrusted to construct more than 40 bulk fuel systems across the Arctic and Western Alaska. Put your community fuel storage needs to Alaska’s most capable and experienced hands.


  • Constructability consultation
  • Prefabricated and field-fabricated construction
  • Prefabricated horizontal construction
  • Diked construction and tank installation
  • Double-wall construction and tank installation
  • Total renovation


New Stuyahok Tank Farm

New Stuyahok, Alaska

Mekoryuk Bulk Fuel Facilities Installation

Mekoryuk, Alaska

Ruby Tank Farm

Ruby, Alaska

Stebbins Bulk Fuel Upgrades

Stebbins, Alaska