Bridges & Elevated Walkways

Building bridges and elevated walkways in Alaska is an especially complex endeavor.

With more than three million lakes, over 12,00 rivers and thousands of streams and creeks, Alaska has more than 40% of the entire Nation’s surface water resources. Additionally, 43 percent of the state’s surface area is made up of wetland habitats. In interior Alaska, especially along the Yukon, Kuskokwim and Koyukuk Rivers, there are large swaths of wetlands, areas where STG projects are frequently located. Rural communities around the state are commonly built on wetlands and along waterways creating a significant need for infrastructure to allow everyday travel.

STG specializes in construction in and around our state’s waterways and sensitive wetland habitats. Specifically, STG has extensive experience developing structures that require alternate foundations. Building with unique constraints including fish habitats, isolated communities, wildlife migration patterns, extreme tides and weather are commonplace for the team at STG. We have the expertise, equipment and experience to solve builds in difficult locations with a minimal equipment spread, creative solutions, resourcefulness and agility.


Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Boardwalk

Portage, Alaska

Tuntutuliak Boardwalk

Tuntutuliak, Alaska